In Hollywood, the coveted “close-up” is often billed as the window into an actor’s soul. The chance to see inside the character he or she is playing on an intimate level. To recognize and appreciate your experience, your contributions and unique style.

2019 is a year when the space industry will be on stage and under the lights, as we celebrate one of humankind’s greatest achievements – the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing. Not only will we honor the giant leaps of the past, we’ll shine a spotlight on the bold future in human space flight that is already underway. It’s about new rockets. It’s about space tourism. It’s about new horizons and American ingenuity at its best.

Griffin Communications Group is ready to help you set your stage for this historic year in space. It’s time to prominently position your brand, accomplishments  and events before an attentive and inspired public hungry to embrace space. Let us help you create high-impact audience engagement through tools including traditional media/social media campaigns, advertising, interactive digital content, events/trade shows and crisis communications. It’s a moment too important not to seize.

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