The World We Are In

What a mess.

In a day and age that should go down in history as a new era of bold exploration and unlimited horizons, who could have expected to be upstaged by a global pandemic?

Like all of you, we find ourselves faced with challenges we could never have imagined, and we are adapting as fast as we can.  Our business planning isn’t so much about P&L, right now, as it is about maintaining viability for the future and value to our clients.   Sure, we are cutting costs, but we are also trying to focus on finding ways to be the best team we can be, under the circumstances, and remaining committed to help our clients continue to advance their goals.

In the process, the Griffin team has become stronger in unexpected ways.  Unable to walk a few steps down the hall and bounce an idea off a colleague or brainstorm around the water cooler, we are forced to rely more on interpersonal communications skills like engagement, economy and clarity, that are essential to effective online collaboration.  We are sharpening our skills in creating cool digital content and using interactive technology to create events that are multidimensional and engaging. We are determined to be better than we were.

We have always felt we are a great team.  But, now, we have also become a group of strong individuals working to help and encourage each other, as well as our clients, friends and colleagues, to keep an eye to the future, and to just keep it moving.

Yep, we are all in bit of a mess.  And it will take all of us to find our way out of it.  So, dare to imagine your future in a world that is rapidly redefining itself, and prepare to be flexible.  If there is any way we can help you get there, don’t hesitate for a second to reach out.  Let’s brainstorm – we don’t charge for ideas!  And we do takeout.  For the foreseeable future, our menu is a la carte.  Because we believe what most businesses need right now are options.

From our team to yours, be well and think big.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Hang in there,
Team Griffin

If there is any way we can help, don’t hesitate for a second to reach out.  Let’s brainstorm – we don’t charge for ideas!  And we do takeout.

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