Account Manager

Brett Griffin – Senior Marketing & Account Manager

​As Senior Marketing & Account Manager, Brett develops and executes the agency’s new business functions while providing clients with top-notch account management. His unique combination of public relations, marketing, event management and crisis communications skills brings a fresh, integrated approach to the clients he serves.

Brett’s passion for and innate ability to digest the technical aspects of space exploration and apply his knowledge to strategic and tactical communications recommendations has brought immense value to the agency. Clients range from experienced aerospace companies to commercial start-ups, non-profit STEM and workforce development organizations to space entertainment, such as a.i. solutions, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada Corp., SSC (Swedish Space Corporation), Fisher Space Pen, Association of Space Explorers XXXII Planetary Congress, Legends of Apollo, Apollo 11: The Immersive Show, and Haviland Digital’s “Armstrong”, “Mission Control: Unsung Heroes of Apollo” US premieres. He has also led clients in energy and manufacturing, such as CVR Energy, US Zinc and Bodycote Aerospace, Defence & Energy (ADE).

Brett’s successes include a.i. solutions’ “Spot On” brand awareness campaign, which was applied to all corporate collateral, advertising, multimedia and digital tools – as well as vastly boosting company awareness, website traffic and brand recognition. For Bodycote ADE, he managed multi-year market awareness surveys during the Offshore Technology Conference that resulted in an impressive response rate increase of 162% – providing valuable market data and analysis that continue to influence marketing and communications strategies to this day.

Brett also facilitates clients’ preparation for and management during crises by coordinating executive media and message training, developing crisis communications plans, table-top and full drills for aerospace, energy, manufacturing and hospitality clients. He’s jumped in as a crisis team member during the explosions at the Arkema liquid organic peroxide plant in Crosby, Tex. due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey in 2017, a fire with fatalities at CVR Energy’s Coffeyville, KS refinery in 2014 and a boiler explosion with fatalities at CVR Energy’s Wynnewood, OK refinery in 2012.

Brett serves on the Aerospace Advisory Committee of the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership and works from the Houston, TX headquarters office of Griffin.