Arkema is a world-class producer of industrial chemicals and innovative chemical solutions that meet today’s growing demands. Among its numerous locations is a plastics plant located in the rural town of Crosby, Texas.


Massive rains from Hurricane Harvery in 2017 struck Crosby, Texas. During local evacuation efforts, Arkema’s Crosby plant sustained unprecedented flooding. This led to the isolation and degradation of materials that resulted in an explosion and fire. The plant did not have a crisis communications plan, and corporate officials were hindered in reaching the scene.


With a few hours of the incident, Griffin’s senior leadership arrived on site as communications counsel and worked around-the-clock for the first 72 hours of the crisis. Services included:

  • Served as the “Go Team” communications personnel throughout the acute phase of the crisis
  • Conducted on-the-spot training of senior managers to serve as company spokespersons
  • Developed and deployed key messaging to media while working closely with corporate communications in Virginia
  • Consulted on all public relations matters during the early, critical phase of the crisis


With Griffin’s coaching, guidance and front-line assistance, Arkema executives were able to effectively engage their audiences during the acute phase of the crisis, maintaining a responsive, compassionate presence until Harvey subsided and allowed the corporate “Go Team” to arrive on the scene in Crosby.